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Dan Hammock

Editor, Washington State Grange News

Dan Hammock took over as editor of the Washington State Grange News in October 2009 following the retirement of longtime editor Dave Howard. He served as State Grange information coordinator from 1999-2001, and rejoined the organization’s staff as communications director in 2005.

Hammock studied communications at Washington State University from 1986 to 1990. It was in 1990 he secured an editorial assistant position at the now-defunct Seattle-based Fishing and Hunting News. He rose steadily in the ranks, working as a copy editor, then edition editor, ultimately landing the flagship Washington state issue of the nation’s largest outdoor newsmagazine.

In between stints with F&H News and the Grange, Hammock did freelance work for a number of outdoor publications, furnished the text for the national hunter education Web site and worked in the communications department of the Washington State Secretary of Health’s office.